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SHOK WAVE is your weekly new REGGAE music blog. SHOK WAVE finds music that is out there in the form of Reggae, Dancehall, Soca, Ska, Dub, Reggae Rock & anything else musical with a Caribbean origin and in any language.

Here is what we found this week.......Enjoy!



Virginia Rivera 'Roots For The Soul (A-Lone Productions 2019)'
Roberto Sanchez is keeping the roots reggae alive and well in Spain & Europe as a whole. His newest release is also that of the soulful voice of Virginia Rivera with exactly what the medico, Roberto Sanchez, ordered 'Roots For The Soul.' Soothing from the start of 'Inner Mystery.' It's a roots reggae album with soul as heard on the second track 'Don't Waste My Time.' The album is nearly half & Half of each style. The great vocal stylings and talent of Virginia are complimented by the production on 'Roots For My Soul' and it's hard to believe that this is her first album from the quality and maturity especially on a reggae track like 'Healing,' as the song does & the 'Fire She Becomes.' More soul with funk on 'Change.' 'My Sailor' is a classic soul ballad, watch out boys. The 'Revolution' has begun and it's lead by Virginia Rivera. Life is like reggae it's always about 'Live And Learn,' the more we live the more we learn. Classic soul again 'Get Your Love.' Is there a 'Heaven For The Sinners?' If so Virginia has the key in this story of love that feels like it's out of a 1960's movie. This 'Easy Going Woman' has time standing still for her and her music. I just have a suggestion: how about this type of musics with Spanish lyrics. Reminds me of a cross of Amy Winehouse, Nina Simone, and Phyllis Dillon.


The Roots Ark "Awake"
The Roots Ark presents "Awake," their first album, rich in musical depth and phenomenal artistry, enhanced by a collaboration between composer-multi-instrumentalist Greg Dandelot and musician-producer Roberto Sánchez. Result of a few years of working, this album reveals a poetic and captivating reggae, drawing on the Jamaican and UK roots, with jazz, dub and rocksteady influences. Each track was written by Greg over the years with deep thought and a profound love for reggae. "Awake" was born from inner struggles, challenges and hardships. Its purpose is to transform them into a positive force, with the power of sound, vibration and Word. 'Remembrance' from this track will be the great horns. 'Choosing' the elements like the sweet harmonies in this same said song, show the richness and the thought. 'No Peace' on Earth takes on the big issue at hand in the world. 'Rebirth' is a dedication to the true roots reggae music with classic horns and guitar riffs and this creates 'power.' This music is so 'Crucial,' too. Reggae is about the rise of your consciousness and it can be as simple as being 'Awake' to a situation or seeing it in a light never before seen. The album ends with two dubs of the first songs off the album. Good stuff.



Benjammin "Sons And Daughters"
Europe is the strength of reggae, where's it's more than alive, it has become everything reggae except the originator. Two components keeping the vibe alive are Benjammin, singer and born in Brighton yet living in Barcelona over 20 years and Roberto Sanchez of Spain is a producer, artist, arranger and writer. Sanchez produced this latest project for Benjammin and it has the feel of golden age reggae from the 1970's and Benjammin's tone & delivery might remind you of Burning Spear. A super solid reggae album start to finish which includes dubs to all 6 songs. Very conscious topics. Pick a tune you will love it. It's easier to say that the following songs are the lesser of the greats: 'Let The Rain Fall' & 'Everywhere Festival.' A production that is a year old, which we normally do not due releases over 6 months. It's so good we had to review it.


Sly & Robbie Vs Roots Radics "The Final Battle"
Imagine, if you will, a sort of “dream concert,” a Reggae Woodstock that unites two of the finest Jamaican bands ever, playing behind a once-in-a-lifetime assembly of the music’s foundational creators performing all new classics. This is exactly what this album is all about. Those bands being Sly & Robbie and Roots Radics. The artists are, in order: Mykal Rose, Brinsley Forde, The Mighty Diamonds, Freddie McGregor, Horace Andy, Pablo Moses, Lee Perry, Max Romeo, Ken Boothe, The Congos, Luciano & Toots Hibbert. The battle has Sly & Robbie with 2 tunes while Roots Radics has 4 so, in my opinion 'The Final Battle' is won by Roots Radics band. Now it's your turn.




Pressure Busspipe "Do It And Done"
Pressure Busspipe has made a name as a reggae artist. He does come from the US Virgin Islands where soca is an intricate part of the musical landscape and culture. Pressure has released his first soca song and it sounds great. The "Do It And Done" single has a soca vibe because soca is a vibe, a very Island type of vibe mixed with a party vibe and that's exactly what you get on this new tune. So just "Do It And Done" and you will enjoy the island fun.


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