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SHOK WAVE is your weekly new REGGAE music blog. SHOK WAVE finds music that is out there in the form of Reggae, Dancehall, Soca, Ska, Dub, Reggae Rock & anything else musical with a Caribbean origin and in any language.

Here is what we found this week.......Enjoy!


So I was really excited to hear one of my favorite dancehall artists, Konshens, was releasing a new album called 'It Feel Good.' So I knew 'Bruk Off Your Back' & 'Turn Me On' and really like these. Then I heard about the tracks with Tarrus Riley & Rick Ross, which aren't bad just not the caliber I was expecting. So, anxiously I listen to the whole album a few times. There's a definite different vibe in the form of pop & hip hop and of course Konshens styled dancehall. Nothing really struck me like I was expecting. The only track that really got me was the one that could be the title track 'Body Feel Good.' I think my expectations are too high. The melodies are there just not my vibes. Here's the song I like & the whole album so you can hear it for your self.

New Album : Konshens – “It Feels Good”



This song 'Dem Nuh Real' from Chunky Sklack has grown n me. Da boy has a little style with a high pitched voice with a different melody that has caught me. Give it a try and listen a few times & see if it happens to you too.



Mellow Mood from out of Italy release a really good new album that's 'Large.' I don't see any Jamaica roots in their bios yet it's really hard not to notice the perfect & subtle patois they sing. The main theme of the album is the criticism of the economy in which we live, which pushes us to produce more, consume more and live 'wide', we forget the human values, the importance of caring and to know how to appreciate what you have. Mellow Mood does not on ly sing Rasta lyrics but their music is conscious and positive: Call Back The Love, Tuff Rocky Road and Another Day invite the listener to open his heart and embrace life in a positive way despite the difficulties. Daddy recalls that we must listen to the advice of elders, relatives and parents, where no place should be left to disinformation, fake news and other political disappointments 'Sound Of A War,'  'It Can Not Work,'  'String Up A Sound' takes us to the realm of Afro-beat taking a sample from Sierra Leone's Refugees All Stars showing the universal power of music. Ms. Mary, lighter side, is a meeting with a proprietary who despises reggae and its lifestyle. Then we plunge into the intimacy of a painful break with 'Heart To No One' and the temptation to feel sorry for his fate on 'Eye Waata.' According to Mellow Mood, music and spiritual openness remain the "best weapons" to overcome these difficult times and stay on the right path 'Called Home Square.' The album does not release until April 6 so there's no media available yet. That's the bad part, the good part is you get to hear about it first.





Skarra Mucci releases the album we spoke about 2 weeks ago right here that included the single from Little Pepe, the album is called Skarra Mucci & the One Love Family. His family is big & wide. We last spoke about his smarts of teaming with the European reggae artists. It includes more than that. They include Teacha Dee (), Dub Inc. (France), Moana & The Tribe (New Zealand), Yaniss Odua (Martinique/France), Treesha (Kenya/Germany) and many of his compatriots out of Jamaica. Skarra comes from the 'Raggamuffin School' and shows his dancehall side on the album too with my  favorite 'Wicked & Wild.' He has new retakes on several classics like 'Tonight' with Keith Tex. His version of 'Telephone Love' shows us how shallow we are because of technology & social media. Listen keenly. Because at the end it's 'Sunshine.' Another early write up on a release that doesn't come out until 4/20. The difference is there's something to sample.





New single & relatively new singer called Chiney Kiki with 'Liad.' Politicians seem to becoming synonymous with this word & the song is a great representation of this concept.



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