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SHOK WAVE is your weekly new REGGAE music blog. SHOK WAVE finds music that is out there in the form of Reggae, Dancehall, Soca, Ska, Dub, Reggae Rock & anything else musical with a Caribbean origin and in any language.

Here is what we found this week.......Enjoy!



SumeRR "Old School"
Straight out the box, our first release comes from a young Jamaican singer living in Spain. It's female singer SumeRR with "Old School." A nice song of reggae produced in Spain with a ladies ode to her newer man. Lover's rock meets roots reggae with Jamaican style vocals and the classic reggae sound coming out of La Madre of Spain, where they have proven they do good reggae music.


Aaron Nigel Smith "In Our America"
Aaron Nigel Smith is not too happy the current state of America. On his new album, "In Your America," Aaron puts it very simply. It is part of his 'Vision' and so is 'More Love,' the first song & single off the album. It's so appropriate as there's never enough. This makes way for 'Rasta Run The World' since rasta is all about love and one of the better songs. 'Trench Town Rock' is a cover of the original from Bob Marley, as Smith was signed to Tuff Gong with this album. There are several interludes and an intro that have very strong comments that add to message of this important and timely album. Now sound & 'Ring The Alarm' and wake those up that are not with Aaron's "America."
Now it's time for the 'Rasta Shuffle' and tackle a 'Real Situation.' 'Skate Rat' is an interesting song and may relate and part of the transformation Aaron went through and inspired by the herb in 'Light It Up.' We end the album musically by taking it home in 'Jah Bless Africa.' Sonically the listener is left with a reminder that 'America' is the land of the free so lets keep it that way. The album sounds like a peaceful demonstration waged against the current government.


The Green "Black & White"
The colorful Hawaiian reggae sounds of the band The Green come in the form a stripped down acoustic all time favorites in "Black & White." The Green want to share their love with you and that have alot. The love is best when not 'Alone.' The good feeling you get from love is also apart of the 'Good Vibration.' 'Love I' is a Green classic about a classic love situation and puts one in a situation where you really have to make 'Decisions.' Destiny is our path in life, it ends up being 'What Will Be Will Be' and we have to 'Trod The Hard Road.' 'All I Need' starts out sounding like 'Sitting On The Dock' and turns into the best song on the album even without this similarity. When life gets in the way, 'Never' give upon love. If you need to 'Wake Up,' this is the song for you. The album ends on a 'Good One.' It's about that situation waking up feeling good yet you're not sure what happened last night.


Highest Intention "Universal Light"
Highest Intention is a solid roots reggae band holding down the vibes in the bay area of San Francisco California. Their new, debut album "Universal Light" is a great straight forward, positive & upful body of works. In fact, if you would just like to 'Escape,' well follow their music because it's of the Highest Intention. Now that you've reached that place of higher heights, 'Hold Your Own Love.' and hold it firm through til the 'Morning Light.' The band is lover's of the bodies of water on Earth especially the 'Ocean' and it's healing powers. So 'come when you're ready and enter the 'Riverside' and welcome 'Reggae Paradise.' Focus here is on the family and staying irie. Good tunes, good vibes and positive messages. 'Sky' has the heaviest vibe to take you there musically and hit us with the frequency of 'Slow' like the heartbeat. The title track has the best melody combined with the best 'Vibes' and a great message making it the top track on 'Universal Light.'


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