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SHOK WAVE is your weekly new REGGAE music blog. SHOK WAVE finds music that is out there in the form of Reggae, Dancehall, Soca, Ska, Dub, Reggae Rock & anything else musical with a Caribbean origin and in any language.

Here is what we found this week.......Enjoy!


Cali Conscious "Avocado"
Roots, rock, surf & reggae outfit Cali Conscious release "Avocado," an amazing album that epitomizes the four elements that opened this sentence. First, we 'Enjoy The Sunshine' of this album that comes from Cali. It's a one love, one life, one mix, one time enjoy love, enjoy life, enjoy the mix and enjoy the sunshine as the ocean is my mother and the earth is my father. Love these lyrics. Keeping the vibe easy going, 'Be Who You Wanna Be' is about being whoever you wanna be. It's also the first song that highlight their great horns and harmonies. The title track strikes a real chord with me as it has a similar chord progression as Peter Tosh's 'Legalize It' and its those horns that really make it stand out. Really easy & cruising vibes is 'Travel Down The Coast.' The melody reminds me of Jack Johnson's "Upside Down." 'Come Jamaica' sounds like an ode to the homeland of reggae that 'sweet darling, the land of one love & sunshine.' It's always nice to be 'Grateful' 'yes I, yes I, yes I.' Just good vibes and giving thanks for life. 'Columbus' was inspired by the fact you can't always believe what you're told that's why 'you gotta have faith in love.' Two dub tracks end the album with good vibes, good music, good lyrics and good melodies. This is the album that will make not only Cali Conscious of this band, "Avocado" will take these boys to the next level. Justin's voice is sweet like agave. The horns place them in a category of their own while the 3 part harmonies & melodies will win the ears of thousands. Rastacado soon run the world. Most of the album is available through this link and playlist; it may take a little work.


King Mas "Crown"
King Mas is one of those new names in reggae you should start to recognize. His sound is nice & sweet and has a nice flow. The title track is the best track as the King explains every queen deserves a 'Crown.' The King would rather let the 'Body Language' speak instead of reading lips. These are the best songs on the album. The other stand outs are 'Pretty Eyes' feat. Mitymaose, 'Flat Earth' is for the herbs man, 'Militant Step' is just that and aimed at Babylon, the one thing they can't take is the 'Ota Benga Smile' and the all star line up of Kabaka Pyramid, Randy Valentine, Jahdan Blakkamoor and Hymphatic Thabs on 'Definition of a King.' The King Mas is on the rise and his throne is taking over.


Various Artists 'Kingston' & St Andrew' riddims
If you come from town, it has be from the parishes of Kingston or St Andrew. These are also two nice riddims from Chimney records. First it's Kingston. The tune that really catch me was the Bounty Killer doing a gal tune on a reggae riddim called 'Inseparable.' Then the lyrics of Busy Signal on 'What Is A Friend' shows why this man is on top of his game. Alaine returns on the St Andrew with 'You Give Me Hope' and shows she really needs that significant other in her life (ultimately, don't we all). 'Work' is what gets all of us through as Pressure Busspipe reminds us.


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