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SHOK WAVE is your weekly new REGGAE music blog. SHOK WAVE finds music that is out there in the form of Reggae, Dancehall, Soca, Ska, Dub, Reggae Rock & anything else musical with a Caribbean origin and in any language.


Here is what we found this week.......Enjoy!

Shining a little light on Kulcha Latino this week as this is the best week of Kulcha Latino music since we have started this blog. All 3 releases will probably make the years best.
It's starting out as an incredible year of music.

KULCHA LATINO (reggae in Spanish & Latin style)

Our first new release was the discovery of 'Sin Ti' (Without You) by Willy Rodriguez of Cultura Profetica, Rawayana, McKolpedia, & La Vida Boheme. Great new music that also incorporates English into this one. Nice & smooth & rootsy with a lover's rock feel.


Pipo Ti & Forward Ever Band release a great new album called 'Una Vida Entera.' It amazes me how well these guys play reggae music. Sounds like 1970's reggae with a little polished sound. So I looked up Forward Ever Band and they are a backing reggae band from Madrid. When artists come from Jamaica need a backing band in Europe, these are one of the "go to" bands. Well these guys sound great. Pipo Ti does too on this new album. Pipo mixes in lots of English. The title track opens as the first single, and 'Bye Bye Politicians' is the second and shows Pipo's singjaying skills. I have never heard a non-Jamaican sing about 'Tenement Yard.' This track also features Brother Wildman with partial English lyrics. The album is definitely full of 'Good Vibes.' There are two dubs as well. Their single 'Let Me Know' is the best song on the album so we saved it for last.



One of my favorite newer Kulcha Latino reggae bands is Malaka Youth and they've been joined by produxer Chalart58 on their newest single 'Big Step.' Just good stuff.



I am loving the riddim called 'Atmosphere.' Released just as carnival in Trinidad ends. Shemmy J & Wildfire with Stephen International have the best tunes on the riddim. A real ragga soca sound & vibe.


This is a soca mashup and it is wicked.




Out of France comes Ryon with an all French reggae album 'Zephyr.' Well produced and well played roots rockin reggae music. Lidiop joins Ryon on 'People' and it's my favorite song as he uses English as well. Other tracks include 'Combien,' 'Kiffer,' 'Universal,' 'Carpe Diem' and 'Destin.'


Dennis Lloyd based out of London uses Bob Marley's 'Bend Down Low' to do his latest called 'Times So Rough.' Looks like the original video is no longer available...


Micah Shemaiah is a name that should sound familiar. You may not be able to pinpoint it. I know I know it, just never been able to associate it with the music until now. A real roots reggae album of messages & a Sly & Robbie type of sound with the electric drums and such. The whole EP/album is good and it's called 'Roots I Vision.' Between the 'Roots',  'Zion' and the 'Love' of 'Boomshaklak',  this release will secure his place in reggae music. This is a real reggae soldier. I've included the full release songs below in the order of the album, plus 3 bonus dub tracks of songs on the album that I didn't get ... so enjoy.


I just love Sara Lugo. She can't do any wrong. Her latest single is on the Nice & Easy riddim and is joined by one of my favorite new artists Randy Valentine and their song is 'Growing a Jungle.'



Reality styled dancehall. Jamaica's rough and you can really hear it in the music these days. It's kind of sad, it's reality. Nobody wants friends anymore, they have to watch their 'head back.' This weeks 'True Suit' riddim is a testament to the real life struggle. RV calls on 'Jah Jah Protect My Life.' Obviously feeling threatened while every youth 'Holding On.'  A real talk by David Chang. Two upcoming youths we a give a bly and hopefully help the situation. We encourage them to do music.

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