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SHOK WAVE is your weekly new REGGAE music blog. SHOK WAVE finds music that is out there in the form of Reggae, Dancehall, Soca, Ska, Dub, Reggae Rock & anything else musical with a Caribbean origin and in any language.

Here is what we found this week.......Enjoy!


Gentlemans Dub Club "Lost in Space"
As the album for the Gentlemans Dub Club starts, the intro is also the title track "Lost In Space," and makes fora very fitting title. Once the album starts with "Light The Fuse" the dubby, euro electro, spacey & dreamy sound comes to light. "Stardust" truly finds us "Lost In Space" and the thought of a concept album is the order of the mission. At this point, I wanna 'get higher.' We wake up and we are back on Earth because the "Ground Shakin.' It's a heavy vibe and very meditative. Quickly, we realize 'Let's get "Out Of This World" and into the the (space). As our adventure continues, out of thin air (space) appears the "God Of Water." A great instrumental track with an echo-y roots vibe, slight dub, great instrumentation & horns. The first single features Million Stylez "Knocking On Our Door," brings us to the present and has us asking ourselves is there a chance of us "Turning Back." Yes "We Can" as the light dubby roots reggae sound quickly returns on "Eye Of The Storm." In order to escape the "Eye," we jump back into the ship and into that "Intergalactic Sound." Throughout "Lost In Space" it always feels like midnight so if you can't get enough of that dub then "Midnight Healing," is exactly what you need. "Walking Away" is out of context, unless you're ready to return to reality. Dub as in Gentlemans Dub Club and space as in "Lost In Space" go very well together and makes for a great escape into space that goes well with dub.


Taj Weekes "To All My Relations"
Taj Weekes has always been a hard worker with good music and a dedicated team. Taj's latest album "To All My Relations" is what has gotten him and his band Adowa where they are today. This 'relation' has produced his best album and his best songs. They include "41 Shots," "All Tears Flow," and "Big Pharma." These are the songs that will take him to the next level. He also tackles difficult topics and makes them sound good: "Heroin Trade," "Insecurities," "Narcissist," "SOB" and "Big Pharma" has be included in this group too. "Bullet From A Gun" is an acoustic song made to be heard and is a heavy one. "Terror Is Him" is an ingenious play on words incorporating two things into one. I love the lyrics of "Vibe Up." The song "What Do You Believe In" sums up the album and a great way to end "To All My Relations."


Cedric Myton "Row Fisherman"
The original Congo's version of "Row Fisherman Row" is a cult classic reggae tune. Inna De Yaard has teamed up with the original lead singer Cederic Myton to do a modern day veraion in a bhinghi, acoustic style and it sounds great.


Busy Signal "Great Men"
Very Impressed by this version of Burning Spear's "Great Men" done by, surprisingly, Busy Signal.



Various Artists "Money Season" riddim
Legendary dancehall producer Tony "CD" Kelly of K-Liscious records has returned with a new artist Khalia & a new riddim called "Money Season." Konshens starts it with a good, positive tune for the ghetto youths in a light dancehall style tune "Don't Give Up." Shaggy links up with Noah Powa on "Money Up," which will be on his upcoming album called "Wha Gwaan." The new artist is Khalia with "Run This." She's got the melody.


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