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SHOK WAVE is your weekly new REGGAE music blog. SHOK WAVE finds music that is out there in the form of Reggae, Dancehall, Soca, Ska, Dub, Reggae Rock & anything else musical with a Caribbean origin and in any language.

Here is what we found this week.......Enjoy!


"Reggae Revolution Riddim" Various Artists
I never have expectations when I see a riddim, even with a bunch of artists I really like. Take for instance, this new riddim "Reggae Revolution" that has Capleton, Jah Cure, Fantan Mojah, Jah Mason, Freddie McGregor, Lukie D, Nitty Kutchie, Jah Bouks & Jah Izrehl. All reputable, consistent reggae artists. First thing is just to let it play. The music always speaks for itself. All songs end up being decent and most are good. Top cuts are 'Wait On Jah,' 'My Vision,' 'See It All,' 'Keep Me Strong' and 'Can't Get Enough.' It ends up that an artist I have never heard, has one of the top tracks and the name is Unstoppable Fyah.





Ole Ting Riddim Various Artists
There's four tracks on this riddim. The only two worth talking about are Machel Montano & Kassav's 'Dance' ' which has a nice french feel to it & it's also real groovy. The other is Patrice Roberts 'Good.' This innocent appearing young lady has a bad side to her too. She even makes the bad seem 'Good.' She's talking about that rough, tough & rude wine as being 'Good.' She just has a way about her.



Reel Big Fish 'Ska Show'
Started in Jamaica in the 1960's and quickly gave birth to reggae, a punk movement 10 years later in the UK, took over America in the 1990's and now in nearly 2019, there seems to be a 4th wave. Every known ska band is making a come back and that's great. So now it's time to go down to the "Ska Show" with Reel Big Fish. 'We wanna dance & sing, and forget about everything.' Isn't that why most of listen to music & no one really ever said it? 'don't wanna fight or cry, just wanna have some fun before we die.' This is the part that starts getting debatable. In any case, great, upbeat song with driving guitars and blazing horns. Vocals are cleaner than ever. Third wave ska at it's best.



Artikal Sound System "Time"
Artikal Sound System has been around for some 'Time' now, 10 years and have had chart success without a true lead singer........until now. Not only do they have a true lead singer, they have a personality 'Change' with a great stage presence in Logan Rex. Over 'Time,' the backbone has always been Chris Montague & Fabian Acuna and the assistance of Chris Cope can not be denied. Add in Adam Kampf and you have the full 'Sound.' The music is pretty much the same, modern roots rock reggae. Now the band 'Change' should really get 'a share of what's really their's' as Logan's voice has the twang of Tanya Stephens on this top track. You can hear it on the next song, I can even hear Tanya sing called 'Come On Over.' A band to get you through this, 'Next Weekend' and every weekend now, especially with their friends. 'Easy Road' features one of reggae rocks greatest assets in Josh Heinrichs. Strong, not overpowering, sultry and yes, a bit sexy, Logan rules.



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