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SHOK WAVE is your weekly new REGGAE music blog. SHOK WAVE finds music that is out there in the form of Reggae, Dancehall, Soca, Ska, Dub, Reggae Rock & anything else musical with a Caribbean origin and in any language.

Here is what we found this week.......Enjoy!


Lybran Aka RumBoss "Traffic"
Lybran also known as the Rum Boss, because when he sings he sounds like he's under his Jamaican White Rum, brings back memories of Lovindeer, Lt Stitchie's "Wear Yu Size," Papa San, General Trees and General Degree when he did "Granny" and "Pianist." It's the humor in those songs that Lybran brings to the forefront, which has been missing from the music for too long. Most of us in this crowded world can relate to the song.


Locksley "Play My Music"
Locksley "Play My Music" is about those who get a fight from the system for their reggae music. Selectors, DJs, musicians, bands, venue operators and music lovers as a whole can all relate to this since reggae has always gotten a fight. It hit a note for me.


Jahbari I "Dehya"
As the son of Firehouse Crew's drummer George Miller 'Dusty,' Jabari Miller has a strong foundation and was around the music from an early age. He's released several singles over the year and are included here. It's a solid roots reggae album with pertinent topics and solid music & production. My top track is 'It's The Feeling' 'I get from her.' The lick over of the 'Let Him Try' riddim from Freddie McGregor is top notch, too. This is the one with the full package. Staying on that love topic, seems to be his strength, since the next best tune is a love based tune over Burning Spear's 'Old Marcus" track in 'Love A Flow.' Other standout tracks include: 'Deliver Me,' 'Keep My Soul,' 'Friendly Foes,' and for the ganja lovers theres a dancehall style tune 'My Spliff' and for the steamers it's 'Steaming From Mawning.' Mostly reggae, a touch or influence of dancehall & light hip hop. Good stuff. It's a rockers lifestyle.


Azizzi Romeo - The Progeny Mixtape
Azizzi Romeo has launched his solo career with this new mixtape appropriately called 'The Propheny,' which means descendant. Azizzi released it on his fathers (Max Romeo) day Nov 22 2019. Azizzi's career started in 2007 at age 8. Since then he has done all kinds of musical works. Those included here are his musical prowess as a singer, instrumentalist, songwriter and producer showcased on his inaugural mixtape is deemed outstanding. It features roots-reggae dub-style selections that address several worldwide issues, with stylings by his father, Max Romeo, and sister, Xana Romeo. His intricate vocals and word-play are underscored by a few of his own ‘riddims’, as well as notable pre-existing roots-reggae ‘riddims’. Azizzi admits all he can do is speak the truth on 'Should've Known' to his empress. The only good system is a sound system can be heard loud and clear in 'System Failure.' 'Grow My Dread' is Azizzi's choice of lifestyle, never forced to choose.



Peppa Mint Riddim Various Artists
The 1990's are back. The original name of the riddim is "Mama" by Baby Wayne and also known as "Giggy." It also produced Simpleton's biggest hit in "Coca Cola Shape" and one of Singing Sweet's hits too in "When I See You Smile." It has been re-done with the same vibe. Busy Signal's "Know You Good" is a take off of Penny Irie's "Matey." Krysie's "Spoil Me Good" takes two songs from the "Action" riddim to combine "Action" by Nadine Sutherland & Terror Fabulous as well as "Second Class Love" Carol Gonzalez which was also done with Buju Banton. Then Krysie also slips in "Twice My Age" Shabba & Krystal. Christopher Martin's "Ketch Up N' Peppa" starts with a unique style of doubling up on one word in each line and touches it again towards the end of the song. Zamunda's "Me Friend Dem" has a good vibe to it by wanting all of his friends to have money in hand.


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