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SHOK WAVE is your weekly new REGGAE music blog. SHOK WAVE finds music that is out there in the form of Reggae, Dancehall, Soca, Ska, Dub, Reggae Rock & anything else musical with a Caribbean origin and in any language.

Here is what we found this week.......Enjoy!

Instead of not doing a blog this week we decided to list a bunch of good songs that released. I did not find anything great just good. Maybe this should be the start of an additional playlist? What do you think?


Moguai & Dissolut 'Adventures of Babylon'
Moguai is a dance music champion and produces a dance, drum n bass, reggae mover with the help of Dissolut for a hybrid banger.
Television 'Reggae Nice'
Thinking it was a remix of an old song by the classic alternative rock band from the 80's, Television, it turns out it's an African trio doing a nice little ditty called 'Reggae Nice.'
Al RickJames
Traphall has been the hottest new trend out of Jamaica for the past 2 years. Honestly we have not heard much that we like. A tune here and a tune there that has caught our ear, yet nothing really melodic. There's an audience out there for what's been dropping. Skillibeng is the hottest thing in Jamaica right now and leads this trend. Before him it was the 6 crew, namely Chronic Law & Squash. Now an American based Jamaican has come with Trap Caribbean and truly caught our ears with several tracks off his album of the same name. He partners on several tracks with a rapper that sounds like Tupac at times with more of today's style of rapping. Al RickJames has something here. The album's first track really catches our ear it's called 'Anything You Want.' A catchy dancehall based trap classic. It's by far the best track on the album. There are a few others that will be ear candy. If you want something different check it out:
The Green & Alborosie 'Feeling Free'
From The Green's new album "Brand New Eyes," the only track we were really 'feeling' is 'Feeling Free' with Alborosie.
Maxado "I Was"
Adding to the variety this is week is Maxado former lead singer to the Brasilian reggae band Firebug. He releases a 4 song ep called "I Was." This new ep sees three nice , new songs and a dub. It starts with a cover with a rocksteady beat called 'Upon A Smile.' Then 'I Was' has that same vibe and hear the sweetness of his voice. Last vocal is a song in Portugese 'Blusa,' which feels like that late ska, early rocksteady sound all produced by Victor Rice. Sounds great. Lastly there's a dub of 'I Was.'
Charly B "Multiplicity"
Charly B is a solid reggae artist out of France and finished school in Jamaica, where he learned the culture. He always puts out good muzik. "Multiplicity" is no different. Every song sounds good. The hard part is to decipher the ones you like the most. The first track to rise above the good is 'Love Instead.' We want love instead, the youths dem a dead.' Talking about the situation in Jamaica, it's probably the one song that touches you the most with a dancehall styled mix & delivery towards the end. True dancehall vibes come in 'Dans Le Ville' french style with Daddy Mory. Ending his journey, Mr B pays tribute to the roots of reggae with 'Chantin.' He 'chants in the name of the lord,' which we know as Jah Rastafari.
The idea and duty of yours at this moment is to decide which is your favorite of the solid 15 tracks on "Multiplicity,' in other words there's multiple.
Phonosonics "New Again"
Phonosonics is a Canadian Rocksteady and Early Reggae band that does a modern take on Rocksteady, Ska and Early Reggae, yet it sounds bonafide from the era itself. Their new album "New Again" and the album starts with what should be their anthem 'Rocksteady Heavyweights.' Best song on the album. The band would like you to 'Take Me For Granted.' Contrary to the song's lyrics this is anotha scorcha that utilizes the organ. Their characteristically painstaking commitment to authenticity and respect for music New Again feels more like it could have been produced in the late 1960's into the 1970s in Kingston rather than 2020s in Canada. There's a latin flavored rocksteady track called 'La Dama La Isla,' which basically means the island lady. The 'Dark Haired Dub' is a great 80's styled dub with a slither of vocals and the incomparable Horseman Djing throughout the song in a wicked style. The next song is the song of truth. 'Run come chase after me',' as lead singer Spencer Cleave wishes, as every man would love to have their lady or any lady for that matter, chase them. We all want to be '21 Forever,' as reality sets in and the song states we realize all of this song is like a dream that doesn't come true. Maybe the song is about 'Rebecca' who is the topic of the next ska song. Reason being 'the only thing this school is missing is the shaking of your skinny behind, I've been waiting and a working and I just can't get you off of my mind.'  We also love the latin lyrics that slips in about three quarters of the way into this song 'Rebecca.' The legendary song 'Me & Mr Jones' is sung here by the legend Leroy Sibbles and released as one of the early singles and talked about in this same blog. We sure hope that the Phonosonics can make this muzik "New Again." Most people's favorite era of Jamaican muzik. These sounds are so real and raw. The music itself makes any fan of that old sound a supporting fan because Phonosonics do it so well as in 'Beautiful Things,' which it is. It's a rockin' rocksteady with full guitar solo. Lastly, the last song starts like an uptempo doo-wap tune from the 50's minus the harmonies and mixed with the early black groups of rhythm & blues (where the genre R & B comes from, for short) gives 'Worry No Good' its sound. .Rain is a good thing. People do not realize it is the basis to all life. On the flip side, worrying does no good.
Drawing on their friends in the Reggae community, they were able to recruit artists such as Leroy Sibbles, Horseman, Montreal’s Dr. Watson, and Roger Rivas of the Aggrolites to join in on the record. "New Again" is the story of rebirth and redemption, and its themes have taken on new meaning these past years. Phonosonics want you to know it's never too late to turn it all back around, and make it new again.
Burning Spear 'Mommy'
Yes the living legend Burning Spear has returned with the trials and tribulations of living in today's society with a good, clean roots reggae track that always has an upful vibe called 'Mommy.' This is the firast single from the upcoming album "The Distroyer"
Vana Liya feat. Asadenaki Wailer & Fat Man Riddim Section 'Someone Loves You Honey'
Green System "OutLines"
Green System, the emblematic reggae band from Geneva, Switzerland of 20 years, releases a new album in "OutLines." You can hear the years they have put into reggae in this album. Solid stuff and an album of roots reggae with the sound of today. The album starts with the best 'Music' from Luciano the Messenger and vocalist Green System make that music that can be sweet. 'Music is a weapon.' 'If You Got Money' features Mirana sings 'do you need a fortune to find unity.........if you got money, will you buy yourself.....will you sell yourself.....I don't think so.' Green doesn't come in until half way through the song and sings 'the money can shine but can't be our soul.' 'Live good and be true' is how 'No Time To Lose' opens and ends our selections from the album. There are 16 tracks in all and include the great Ken Boothe.
JonQuan & JonnyGo Figure 'Special Request To Pupa Quan (It A Murdah)'
Classic dancehall style with the on JonnyGo Figure and track produced and introduced by JonQuan, who has been the frontman, songwriter, and keyboard player for Buddha Council. The song dabbles in classic dancehall reggae with plenty of dub grooves layered in. JonnyGo Figure lays down flawless flow, taking the song into heady realms that keep the energy moving and make this the type of reggae that makes you want to put the joint down and dance along. “In a true dancehall fashion, JonnyGo Figure was my first choice for this tune. I’ve known Jonny for a while from my hangs with the NYC reggae family. From spinning records and toasting for Deadly Dragon Sound, to LES dj nights, singing with the Frightnrs, or controlling the mic at basement bashments in Flatbush, Jonny’s iconic style shines bright, echoing the greats.” – JonQuan
Prezident Brown 'Turn It On'
A veteran at this point, Prezident Brown has 'Turn It On' in his career. This is one of his better songs since the 90's when he was in top form in Jamaica working with Barry O'Hare. It has that 80-90's feel.
JahDon 'I'
Sitting in the shadows of the music, JahDon has broken out with this tune of extremely strong lyrics coupled with a nice melody and style. Comparing his empress to how Haile Selassie love Princess Menen. The song starts 'I never see myself without you & I..... you are my personal advisor, certified healer, when the battlefield need her, she a the frontline leader.' BOOOOOOM!!!!!!!! Love those lyrics.
Smoke & Mirrors 'Mad World'
We even get a cover of Tears For Fears 'Mad World.' It comes from Smoke & Mirrors, which was created during the pandemic since it took away ability to play live in person, practice and record together. So, John Roy had no work and was isolated like the majority of his fellow musicians. He wrote tunes, lyrics, arrangements, then recorded them with midi instruments in the office of his shuttered business and sent it out to all his colleagues. What came about was a double sided double track 7" called 'Second That Emotion.' The title track sounds pretty good and so does the rest of it. We have a weak spot for this song though:
Sista Jahia 'Chant A Prayer'
True downtempo roots reggae music surfaces with a real rasta song 'Chant A Prayer' to Rastafari. Voice & words by Sista Jahia.
Ben Yose 'Natty Dread Locks'
Singing in Portuguese, we presume Ben is of Portuguese decent, even though we see something that tells us he lived or lives in the US.. He releases a new Ep which includes this song 'Natty Dread Locks,' our favorite.
Various Artists "Dig You riddim"
The riddim is named after the legendary Alton Ellis' track with his son Christopher 'I Dig You Baby.' Not sure where they found this one. One of Jamaica's greatest. Also our favorite comes from another legend Tyrone Taylor 'Test Of Our Love.' This one has the vibe that will past the test of time. The video link has all 3 on the riddim
Atay - 'A Manzel Mo Le'
To top off the week of crazy muzik, we got a zouk riddim called Saint Valentin from Africa. The Atay track called 'A Manzel Mo Le' jumped out at us so it's the last feature for this week's blog of the widest assortment of good Caribbean muzik we have ever gotten in the 7 years to the day of this weekly blog.



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