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SHOK WAVE is your weekly new REGGAE music blog. SHOK WAVE finds music that is out there in the form of Reggae, Dancehall, Soca, Ska, Dub, Reggae Rock & anything else musical with a Caribbean origin and in any language.

Here is what we found this week.......Enjoy!


Arise Roots Feat Eric (Rebelution) & Kyle (Slightly Stoopid) 'Come And Get It'
History in the making, this is the tune that will finally put Arise Roots on the world map. If you want pure fire or wanna blaze up the night you can 'come and get it' now, as this will be the tune Arise Roots will be remembered by. The fact that Eric Rachmany of Rebelution and Kyle McDonald of Slightly Stoopid are on the track sure does not hurt. The crazy part is it doesn't sound that much like lead singer Karim Israel.


Akae Beka 'Be Still'
New release from the Green Lion Crew has had this date set to release this song & upcoming album 3-4 months ago. The greatest part of it, the first words uttered from the voice of Vaughn is that of 'beautiful people, forward ........ be still, all nations, all cultures, all people.....his imperial majesty' shows his close to Selassie as he speaks of the same caliber or shall we say sing. Akae Beka is with his King in his place of Zion so 'Be Still' my people, he is in his rightful place. He will be missed in the flesh, his music lives on Intinually. Selah.

This will be from an upcoming album of Akae Beka, Pressure Busspipe & Danny I all from the Virgin Islands and will include 4 songs from each with 11 dubs.


Pressure Busspipe "Rebel With A Cause"
In the midst of his fellow countryman, musical brother and mentor moving on to Zion (Vaughn Benjamin), Pressure Busspipe releases his new album, appropriately named "Rebel With A Cause.' This is whats needed in these times. An album that includes Vaughn and so much more that helps ease the pain. Pressure recruits all of his fire burning reggae souljahs: Sizzla, Anthony B, Vaughn Benjamin, Protoje, Kabaka Pyramid & Jah 9. There's also R. City, Reemah & hip hop icon Redman on the title track. There are several hip hop inspired tracks like 'Jah Is Real' feat, Protoje and 'Wake Up, Stay Up' and 'War Is Ugly' with Sizzla, which is a great tune and has more of an African sound. So the album has a World music vibe and all at the same it's very reggae. Extending outside of reggae the album shows signs of Jazz, too. Even though several tracks aren't all reggae, the album is very conscious , cutltural, inspirational and educational as well as uplifting.

The album starts with one of my all time favorites about 'King Selassie First.' I love the melody Pressure uses and the rhyming lyrical content. he next rising star out of the VI is female artist Reemah and her track 'Burn Down' is a top choice. Pressure is an heartical youth and certainly 'Can You Feel Love.?' I can and you will as well. It's just a great song lyrically and composition wise. 'It Red' helps keep the awareness & consciousness to the forefront. 'Peace and Love' is a positive & upful song. The timing of 'The System' with Akae Beka has a beat down babylon type of vibe and is very relevant with the passing of this great man. 'Lion Is A Lion' is already a bonafide hit and now it has a remix on this album with Kabaka Pyramid & Jah 9. So the album starts and finishes with Jah. This is one of those albums that will be 'Forever' as the person in your life deserves.

The album was produced primarily by Zion I Kings, the collective of Zion High Productions, I Grade Records and Lustre Kings Productions with the addition of high profile musician, producer out of Jamaica Teflon Zincfence.



Cultura Profetica "Sobrevolando"
Cultura Profética is the worlds most popular Latin reggae band that hails from the USA's 51st state of Puerto Rico. Their consistency is based on their suave vocals and sound coupled with their socio/political lyrics. These lyrics help bring life to those that have maintained it after hurricane Maria. It has been a major challenge. As has this 6th studio album, five years to be exact to complete it. Their sound is reggae and they are schooled in jazz that help the band uniquely create a very smooth, soothing and relaxing sound. Part of the warmth to this album comes from the analog recording, there's nothing digital about it. 'We (Cultura Profetica) propose songs that cause concern, that connect with the spiritual sensibility of our people," the singer and bassist said in the statement of the group, Willy Rodríguez. The title track starts the album as a symbol of their watchful eye of their people. 'Sobrevolando' means flying overhead, I think you get the point. Songs 'Efecto Domino' y 'Despertador Solar' are two great examples of the greatness of this band. The message, the voice, the music and the melodies really come together on these two songs best. The rhyme in 'Domino Effect' tops all. 'Caracoles' was the first single and has a video. La voz de Claire y Willy son perfectas . A comment from one listener on their youtube channel for the song 'Creo En Tu Carne' and it's such a fitting statement. 'Ten Valor' is a very encouraging and appropriate song for the times. It means have courage. This song also has a great singjay/rap. The only full English track on the album is a cover of Al Green's 'Love And Happiness' and it's a great rendition by any standards. There are other decent to good tracks, we have talked about what we think are best. Lastly, Omar Silva states 'we do not work with arithmetic formulas, we do free art and although the band's formation has remained similar since its inception, it is the harmonies, the counterpoints, the melodies and the timbres that, like life, simply evolve," added the guitarist and bassist.


Los Cafres 'Revolution'
The legendary Dennis Brown track covered by one of South America's greats in Los Cafres. Two staples in reggae music for a classic combination 'Revolution.'


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