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SHOK WAVE is your weekly new REGGAE music blog. SHOK WAVE finds music that is out there in the form of Reggae, Dancehall, Soca, Ska, Dub, Reggae Rock & anything else musical with a Caribbean origin and in any language.

Here is what we found this week.......Enjoy!

Instead of not doing a blog this week we decided to list a bunch of good songs that released. I did not find anything great just good. Maybe this should be the start of an additional playlist? What do you think?


Bishob "Tears"
A new album from Nigerian born, Mali based artist Bishob called "Tears,' is a bit different. He is a different kind of singer and a refugee that left Nigeria for Mali. There's a different vibe, delivery and a calmness to his voice. Bishob meets the great Tiken Jah Fakoly who introduces him to the great producer Manjul. Manjul has worked with three of our favorites Tiken, Amadou Et Marian & Takana Zion. Manjul produces this second album as he did Bishob's first. Good vibes through 'Tears,' the great 'Garden of Love, where he is looking for his love, 'U and I' and musically its roots reggae and soul. Instrumentation of depth also with touches of jazz that all complement Bishob's voice very well. It's like you are literally 'Sailing,' like relaxing on the sea. The 'Earlier The Better' you listen to this song, album or songs will benefit your demeanor. Then the album could only end with 3 of the best songs in Dubbbbbbbbbbb. Get it. Its right here:
Fortunate Youth "Good Times (Roll On)"
To know lead singer Dan Kelly is to know a fortunate youth. He's very personable, down to earth & loving. In other words, to know him is to know "Good Times" because they always 'Roll On.' Fortunate Youth's new album "Good Times (Roll On)" is the norm., just to the next level. To show the extent of their music, reggae music, they have taken it all 'Around The World' with Italy's Mellow Mood. Mr Kelly is also down to be 'Burning With You.' So join in, feel the good vibes and 'party til the "SunLight' comes.'
In Kingston, Jamaica, it's either 'uptown or downtown living in 'The City.' For Fortunate Youth its just outside of Los Angeles, California. Love the light organ sound in the song as well as the maturity I am noticing in Dan's voice. That maturity bleeds over in the songwriting of 'The Situation.' It's all about the day not the situation. The album is 12 tracks long and at the point you reach just past the half way mark, it's all 'Good Times' as they 'Roll On.' Dan sings 'got the sun in my soul, let the bad vibes go, the breeze in the trees usually making me at ease.' This has to be their best album yet, especially if you give it time to your ears.' 'Time rolls on, no matter how far away, good times they come and go, each and every day.' This is the epitome of the band, the album and Dan Kelly. Sax sounds great too in this song. 'Friend' is another basic of the band. 'Em Interlude' is a nice way for the band to show their skills in a jazzy reggae rocker. 'Riddim Rydah' is a song that shows off talent in the bands circle in Dread Kennedy and Skillinjah. If you are not 'Groovin' by now please check your pulse because this album has all the grooves and you should be 'movin to the beat of the drum, movin to the sound of it all.' If that ain't enough they brought along Iya Terra to increase the vibe. Now that you have what we will call 'The Cure,' please enjoy the love of Fortunate Youth and let the "Good Times (Roll On)."
Gappy Ranks 'Flower'

Kashief Lindo 'I Don't Know Why'


Daddy Slaggy 'Livity'


Richie Rich 'Life Changer'



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