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SHOK WAVE is your weekly new REGGAE music blog. SHOK WAVE finds music that is out there in the form of Reggae, Dancehall, Soca, Ska, Dub, Reggae Rock & anything else musical with a Caribbean origin and in any language.

Here is what we found this week.......Enjoy!


Christy Delves "Jah Jah Love"
Christy Delves, out of Grenada, comes with the first song we notice "Jah Jah Love." Grenada is not known for its reggae and the production is not stellar. Christy's voice stands strong, her melody is great and the lyrics and combination of it all together works very well. All she wants is "Jah Jah Love,' well girl that's all you need. She definitely knows how to spice it up. She's a true healer.


Keith Foundation & The Black Disciples "Showcase: Hi-Yo"
Keith was the former lead singer from Foundation, a vocal trio that was launched back in the day by the legendary Jack Ruby and signed to Island records. I believe they only did two albums. Both were great. So for this new album, the Black Disciples nucleus was reunited: Robbie Shakespeare on bass, Horsemouth Wallace on drums, Chinna Smith on guitar and Robbie Lyn on keyboards. Because of the superb musicianship and Bravo's exquisite dub mixes, we made this album a showcase one with the instrumental seamlessly blending into the song. So it makes for great dubs! This has been done for every song on the album except 'Tek It Like That.'

When I first hear about this album and got a few tracks I literally thought it was a classic. The sound and production for this one is superb. If not mistaken, there's an old Studio One styled song of the same name from someone like The Ethiopians. This just added to the nostalgia. Now to know this is a new album with this great line up, I am very excited to review it.

The album opens with the title track per say 'Hi Yo.' Keith's voice sounds as good as ever. 'Mr Wicked Man' is about babylon & asks where you going to run to, where you going to hide." We need more of this. 'Broadway' is the place to be and Keith won't be there, hopefully one day. Not sure if he's talking about the theatre or the road. Interesting song to say the least. A true soldier of roots reggae and 'Rub A Dub.' It's rub a dub in the morning, the evening and all night long with Kadina. Keith is saying people are feeling the pain all over the world because of the evilous system in 'Mother's Crying.' The song is called 'They Never Listen' yet it is targeted at a particular girl of 16 with a family and major responsibilities.

Every song is good. Such a great voice and definitely needs more credit. Maybe with more music Keith will start getting the respect he deserves. He has mine wholeheartedly.

here's most of the album


Jahcoustix "Reunion"
With his eighth album “Reunion”, (Dominik Haas aka) Jahcoustix literally reunites with the reggae music companions from his early days. His first two albums “Souljahstice” and “Grounded” were also recorded with Oneness Records’ producer and current Dub Inc. bass player Moritz v. Korff and Oneness sound wizard Umberto Echo, with both of whom Jahcoustix spent innumerable hours in the tour bus during the dawn of the new millennium. The experience shows on this new album and his consistency of the last few albums. His albums have all been solid in recent years and 'Reunion' is no exception. My favorite tune opens the album with the best way to do music 'Simplicity,' that way you don't have to chase time. 'Distant Relatives' is a nice tune speaking of our people of the world. Don't judge no man, because we are all 'Distant Relatives.' Luciano joins Jahcoustix on 'Stronger.' They work well together and are 'Stronger' when they do. 'Thin Red Line' is the third single release from the album and features the Indonesian brothers in spirit Tóke and Ras Muhamad. This is the song that made me find out about the album. The truth lies far 'Beyond Imagination.' 'Reunion,' weve got a reunion from way back when. Real people and real situations will always stay connected features Meta Dia. 'Live Your Dream' has nice backing & harmonic vocals especially in the way the song starts. In life its best to 'Live Your Dream.' The best part about 'Who Told You' featuring Memoria has a different style of singing the chorus and thats what makes the song stand out. Hold on give me a minute, you better stand strong talk about it and move on because I am with you, my love is
'Unconditional.' Ska ending album tune asks where are you going to push it 'Back Into The Light.' That's where it needs to be so that's where were going to leave it. This album almost slipped by me, don't let it by you. The music & production are solid. Every tune is good.



Various Artists "Reggae Alerta" riddim
Kitra is the band behind this riddim and song of the same name which the riddim was named. These guys have a good sound. Love the riddim as well. It has a Latin reggae rock sound with a touch of 80's dancehall too. Kitra gives it that Jamaican flavor with a wicked intro, too. Then they invite their friends to sing on the riddim. Naiko wants you to 'Fly Natural' girl y quiero fumar. Naiko wants to smoke it with his girl and you cant blame him. Aflora comes with what Naiko was talking about 'Sinsemilla' and if you dont know by now, it's the healing of the nation. Nice rock guitar solo with a sweet female voice, too. A real ganja tune. It's an irie meditation. Ian Mixto Style knows that reggae is 'La Musica Perfecta,' the perfect music. These guys are killing it. Maria Zion has her planta and she's ready to turn up the reggae 'Que Lo Prenda.' This is the real latin reggae sound this is the real Kulcha Latino reggae. The last vocal tune is Zulu Dread with 'Sonido Real.' The final track is the dub of the title track & riddim Kultra Dub and 'Alerta Dub.' I listened totheir older stuff and I think this is their best riddim so far. All good stuff though. Their maturity shows. They are celebrating 20 years of reggae music. Please support.



One Drop "Far From You'
One Drop is James Alger and has found a great musical balance in pop melodies, rock and tight reggae riffs with solid bass lines. A product of Florida with a band based in California, Alger has found harmony in his music as an outlet and way to express himself.

The band has not released a new album since 2012. Their new EP "Far From You" is long overdue especially since they are touring again. Capt. Hook is the nickname for the lead singer for the band The Movement and if he doesn't want that name anymore, I suggest lead singer James Alger of One Drop. The melodies are strong and the hooks are sweet & infectious. The album starts with 'The Last Star.' A song about a relationship that was trying to bring you down. I love the line 'as long as the sun rises above me I take orders from no one other than His Majesty.' There's also a dub version of this tune. The apparent problem in that song is solved 'Far From You,' as now James has found that someone new. The only problem is he's 'Far From You.' Bob Marley's is covered next in a ska version and its a great version and a bit different. The saxophone is utilized very well on the album and it shows on 'Don't Make Me Wait' in the beginning of this song. James is in love and that's why these songs sound so sweet. This song is NOT a reggae song and was released as a single to not much excitement. 'My Heart Beats For You' is the last full vocal track and officially makes "Far From You" a love story. Regardless if you like that type of stuff, "Far From You" is musically great and will create a few classics that will be added to the list of the likes of 'Little Black Dress,' 'She's Gone' and 'No Good Reason.' Then again what else drops out of One Drop's speakers.


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