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SHOK WAVE is your weekly new REGGAE music blog. SHOK WAVE finds music that is out there in the form of Reggae, Dancehall, Soca, Ska, Dub, Reggae Rock & anything else musical with a Caribbean origin and in any language.

Here is what we found this week.......Enjoy!


Eesah "Master Piece"
As a relatively new artist, Eesah's new EP "Master Piece" will elevate the youths career. Well, the riddims are nice and the verses are sweet, so we say dat bad eesah! This is where his name originates. The young 'Roots Man' shows his strength in melody & words on this track. Most of us will never experience a 'Tenement Yard,' so Eesah breaks the song down into a real situation: 'can't take the noisey neighbor/ every day they watch me like a nasty nigger..... it dread, 'Living ina Tenement Yard.' 'Marijuana' is what Eesah smokes and 'Sweet Love' is what he gives.





Family Buss riddim Various Artists
"Family Buss riddim" is a nice new reggae riddim. It starts with Delly Ranks ganja anthem 'Bun It.' The UK's reggae star Gappy Ranks hasn't released a hit in a while. 'Don Gargon' isn't that song, it will keep his name fresh. Ginjah's 'Mighty Jah Jah' has given him the strength to come up with the best song on the riddim. Never heard of Takuto who has a different sound. I do like Zagga's 'Good Vibes Only.' Zagga needs more material.


Darrio "Never Let Go"
A very encouraging song from artist Darrio is called "Never Let Go.' A song about never give up, never let go keep holding on.


Inna Vision feat EN Young "Rootsy Roots"
As a roots man, I do my damnest not to be bias. This new song by Inna Vision called "Rootsy Roots" is a roots man anthem. A great song about my favorite style of reggae music. Great horns too with a special appearance from EN Young. One of his better productions too.


Syd Perry "Rasta Woman"
This week we are all musically covered. From 'Roots Man' & 'Rootsy Roots' to now one for the ladies, for those 'Rasta Woman.' A simple ode to our 'Rasta Woman' in a very simple, stripped down, acoustic style.


Augustus Pablo Presents DJ'S from 70's to 80's
An album originally released in 1997 has re-released. One of Pablo's last albums releases before he passed. Pablo retains the sound that made him famous with many of his friends. His best work comes in his dubs especially on 'Real Rock & 'Guide I Jah.' Dillinger & Jah Levi always deliver. One for the collection.


King Alpha "Dub Elevation Vol 1"
This is a concept album for yoga. With it's Indian musical influence in the dub style of reggae, this album feels like the perfect fit to do your sun salutations to in the morning sun. Since Yoga is an Indian original, combining the Indian influence into dub styled reggae, it just feels like the perfect fit for yoga. It's basically 5 songs with 2 versions of each. The different versions sound different enough that I didn't notice that is was 2 versions of each song until the 4th song.



Lil Bits "Good Times"
I love groovy soca. I knew it originally as ragga soca from Barbados, when Krosfyah was taking the Caribbean music scene by storm with their bit 'Pump Me Up.' Groovy soca is the name give to this slower style of soca music by the Trinis. Coming out of the same island is Lil Bits' "Good Times." She's showing that the music is about the good vibes, good music & ultimately about the "Good Times."


Patrice Roberts "Like It Hot'
I liked the KickStand riddim itself, the moment I had heard it. I even liked this song "Like It Hot" by Patrice Roberts. The topic is not one I push. When the video came out I revisted the riddim again and this song took me over the top as being good enough to include in this weeks blog.


LuLu "Cups Overload" (Feel Good riddim)
Lulu puts it straight & in a different way that her "Cups Overlaod." When you see me on the road better your like overload, her cup my cup is overload. A different look to drinking another topic thats not my favorite. The music hits me though so when the riddim, melody, and conviction come together I have to big it up.



Tamique "Mi Nuh Care"
It's that subject again that I don't push yet the emotions felt in the song make it feel so real and it has a sexy vibe to it too. It's a bit undeniable & irresistible. I've never heard of her before and Tamique hits the 'Hot Spot' on "Mi Nuh Care."


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