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SHOK WAVE is your weekly new REGGAE music blog. SHOK WAVE finds music that is out there in the form of Reggae, Dancehall, Soca, Ska, Dub, Reggae Rock & anything else musical with a Caribbean origin and in any language.

Here is what we found this week.......Enjoy!


Beres Hammond "Never Ending"
Life is the greatest gift and Beres Hammond recognizes his blessing in the opening track off his new album "Never Ending" in the song 'I'm Alive.' One thing that makes this track special is that it's a rare recording where the crooner singjays on record (normally saved for the live shows). Beres sounds so good on the old riddims and the Jamaican anthem 'Land Of Sunshine' is no exception. Mr Hammond is the modern day king of Lover's Rock reggae because you feel the emotion and the new album is full of them for the ladies: 'I Will Take You There,' 'Only You,' 'My Kinda Girl,' 'Sleeping Beauty,' 'Hold You Til It Hurts,' 'I'll Try' and 'Love Foreclosure.' The next two songs 'Lose It All' and 'Survival' should be called 'Never Gave Love' and 'Cry Freedom' respectively. The titles do not stand out like the titles mentioned. The album ends with the appropriate title track 'Never Ending,' especially since we don't want it to end. Solid album, just no big tunes, just good listening with lots of love, lessons and likeable music.


The Expanders & Walshy Fire Present The Thanks For Life Riddim
A great idea/concept that Walshy Fire was joining forces with the Expanders. These guys music is insane. So when Walshy suggested taking the backing tracks from their latest album and make riddims out of them, a brilliant idea came to fruition. The second in that brilliance is the new "Thanks For Life" riddim. The whole album is good. The first track from the album is the best, Randy Valentine's 'Rubble Rebel.' Randy has really started coming into his own and really makes the riddim his with his style. Promise 'Can't Run Away' from yourself has a bright future while Hamali 'System' is another young artist making their vibe felt. Strongest of the new torch bearers on this album is Jaden Chase with 'Magic' and Kye has a great voice. Walshy has been having Sean Taylor playing his trumpet over these new tracks and his latest is 'Tropical Breeze' and sounds great. The Expanders 'Thanks For Life' is the original.


I Wayne & Mr Bertus 'They Have No Love'
I Wayne has made a return and he's finally getting back to the level he needs to be on 'They Have No Love.' It features Mr Bertus and is a really nice tune with a message for the negative. Keep it positive.



Manu Digital"Bass Attack"
Manu Digital has made a name as a producer and doing live recordings on video of him mixing artists performing of his tracks at very impromptu locations. "Bass Attack" has a very 80's sound with that European touch of steppas, from this French producer. A slew of artists, old & new, famous & unknown, from all over the world have touched this album. The artists from the original 80's dancehall era have the best songs & rightfully so: General Degree is still 'Bad' because he still knows how to 'Ruff It Up,' Red Fox's 'Bye Bye Boom Boom,' Skarra Mucci ''Rock The World,' as well as Jr Cat, Derrick Parker, Lt Stitchie and you can hear the style in Cali P on 'Rub A Dub,' and Depatch 'Strictly That Style,' while 'Time Bomb' shows hints of that style, too. The two big ganja tunes are 'Herb Inna Mi Pocket' from Solo Banton and the biggest tune on the album comes from the biggest artist Snoop Lion joined by Black Judah with 'Cali Green.' Taiwan Mc's 'Reach The Sky' is another one to listen out for and Manu is your man with 80's sound for the 2000's.


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