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SHOK WAVE is your weekly new REGGAE music blog. SHOK WAVE finds music that is out there in the form of Reggae, Dancehall, Soca, Ska, Dub, Reggae Rock & anything else musical with a Caribbean origin and in any language.

Here is what we found this week.......Enjoy!


Natural Mighty "Reflections Of My Dreams"
The quality of reggae coming out of Europe & more specifically France, never ceases to amaze me. Natural Mighty's "Reflection Of My Dreams" is a good, solid, modern, contemporary straightforward reggae album that is a true testament to the movement, so won't you 'Come Along.' 'One Night' is a reinforcement. I think you will feel the love of 'Guide Me' and even in 'Use To.' 'Tell Me Why' may seem 'dark' yet it's a heavy roots tune. Natural Mighty's "Dreams" will be a "Reflection" of their reggae musical journey.


Various Artists "Puffers Choice Vol 2"
An interesting compilation, that does not focus on the ganja as the title implies. The album is an interesting mix of various styles reggae music. The more traditional are more my style like the original Don Dadda Supercat with a new version of the 'Gunshot riddim' with 'Dance Inna New York,' straight 80's vibe. General Jah Mikey lays down his best tune yet 'Ites, Gold & Green.' Lastly, Earl 16 sings over an interesting song called 'Love Will Tear Us Apart' from Joy Division and done well.


Tomawok "Eek A Wok"
The greatest EEK A Mouse sound a like is here and he's from France named Tomawok. On his new EP "Eek A Wok" he uses all the same riddims & melodies of Eek A Mouses biggest songs and makes new songs lyrically. For instance 'Ganja Juggling' is represented musically with Tomahawk's 'Ganja City' and 'Wa Do Dem' is 'Indian Squaw.' Pneumostory' is straight Eek A Mouse style just can not pinpoint the song. Then Jr Cat joins Tomawok on 'Ever Ready,' and both sound right at home on the riddim inna combination style. Lastly, it's the 'King Kong (remix)' and clean riddim of the song. All with that 1980's dancehall sound, straight apache style.


JFP "My Number One'
JFP is Jean-francois Pondézi out of Martinique. His new reggae song "My Number One" is a nice French/English mixed language song about his special lady. Love the melody.


Third World "Loving You Is Easy"
Great new song from Third World called 'Loving You Is Easy' produced by Damian Marley for their upcoming album that Damian is producing. Song hits from start to finish with great harmonies and lyrics, too.


Akae Beka "Topaz"
Diehard fans of Midnight & Akae Beka will like his new album "Topaz." His lyrics and flow are always deep. The difference about this album is it's not a reggae album. It's more of an acoustic styled music album.


Johnny Osbourne "Dancing Time"
Johnny Osbourne is one of the dancehall kingpins especially as a vocalist. His latest EP is called "Dancing Time." A solid release with 7 new songs & 2 dubs. The 'Show Must Go On' is an appropriate way to start the release as Johnny sure aint stopping & theres no need with a wicked bass line like that. 'Cherry Pie' is that old skool style song about his 'sugar plum,' so you know it's sweet. The'Skylarking' riddim gets a revamp on Johnny's 'Keep On Riding.' 'People Get Ready' the train is coming is a song you know just not from Johnny Osbourne, definitely done in his original style.


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