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SHOK WAVE is your weekly new REGGAE music blog. SHOK WAVE finds music that is out there in the form of Reggae, Dancehall, Soca, Ska, Dub, Reggae Rock & anything else musical with a Caribbean origin and in any language.

Here is what we found this week.......Enjoy!


Keisha Martin "Rocksteady"
Ska made way for rocksteady only had an era of 3 years before it slowed down and put the skank in reggae. So to hear a bonafied 'Rocksteady" tune in 2019 is a real joy. This is Keisha Martin who takes the original lick of Toots & The Maytals "54-46" uses it as the back drop for her song, which is played by Andy Bassford and she took a little Aretha Franklin, too. Her lyrical content fits the era as well. Enjoy!


Julian Marley "As I Am"
It has been nearly ten years since we have gotten an album from Grammy nominated Julian Marley. Julian does not rush anything especially music. Music has to be done right and he always does it rootical & righteous. The wait is well worth the music as it is real reggae music strt to finish with live instrumentation. Versed in many styles of music, his message & style strengths are roots reggae. The album starts with that with 'Are You The One.' The versatility shows on 'Hey Jack' with mixed musical styles and a reggae feel thats is the second single from the album. I love the simile in the song 'Broken Sail,' 'like a ship with a broken sail, on a stormy day, many many miles away.' Real funk is the song 'Chalice Load,' a rastaman's ritual. Now we are 'Cooling In Jamaica' and what could be better? (Do we really need to ask). 'Baby Lotion' is a ska tune to love a story as 'she bubble pon di riddim cuz she ready.' Beenie Man appears on the other ska like tune which is a cover of his father's rendition of Tom Jones' 'What's New Pussy Cat.' Shaggy makes an appearance on 'Too Hot' which is to be marveled for its uptempo/pop essence. 'Many should already know 'Straighter Roads' as the first single. 'Papa' sounds like a song about his father Bob or possibly Haile Selassie and 'Biology (Smile For Me)' is also about someone close or that person Julian wants close to him. The smiles continue on 'Family and Friend (Smile)' nice likkle tune to keep that upful vibe. That vibe continues on one of the best tunes I've heard from Julian's guest on 'Panic Mind State,' Spragga di Benz, in a long time. I hear Damien's production influence on 'Can't Cool The Fire (remix),' as this has the signature Damian sound of militancy, with dancehall/hip hop steppers vibe because its moving. Then, Julian breaks it down in the 'War Zone.' He musically leaves us with the dub 'I Am The Sound Dub.' A great album of roots reggae messages, exceptional live musical tracks and a good variety of topics and musical genres & influences to keep it extremely interesting. Do I hear a back to back Grammy nomination?


Various Artists "Better Place" riddim
The riddim is named after Elijah Prophet's tune 'Better Place.' A song of hope as Elijah looks to the almighty to 'heal the world, only you can make it better and can save the human race.' The one by Kenny Smyth is the one that caught my ear and brought attention to the riddim. It's called 'Ghetto Soldiers.' 'Live up, live up ghetto soldiers' is still my favorite because of the melody & the 'work of Marcus Garvey.' Ras Goudie, who's been on the rise, has a nice one too, in 'Freedom.' The last of the better tunes is one for the ganja man dem, 'Smoking Away' by Dotta Coppa. There's only one other tune on the riddim from Darrio.


Yoha Meets Official Staff "Resilience"
Yoha's third release "Resilience" is his strongest because 'Life' provides the means of music & experience. The album is strong, solid and has nice melodies. Along the way Yoha has had to ask the question 'Why You Mess With Me' but 'Tonight I'll Be Your Man.' 'Nature's Time' is always prevalent and now it's time to 'Get Up Now Stand Up Man' as it's a rootsman party tune. 'What Do You Think Is Better' love or hate? Now you can see why they are not friends. This album shows the 'Power Of Reggae' from French man Yoha. 'Pain & Suffering' are part of those 'Life' struggles that has the sound of 'Armagideon (Armagedon)' from Bunny Wailer. We have included that as well. Lastly, it's 'Fake Leader' with 2 dub tracks. The album is not available until March 15th.



Brother Mikey "Happiness"
This is not an album review, this is a review of Brother Mikey's better songs from his album "Happiness." A very real & spiritual person that has a Polynesian vibe and is Taino Indian, which makes sense, too. Born in Puerto Rico and groomed in New York, music is his mission because of his messages. The title track, 'Happiness' is needed more in people's lives and it's followed by the best track 'Stand With You.' The strong words of 'Home Again' and the realities of how Brother Mikey calls out people: 'I'm tired of the games, I'm tired of the hate and I'm tired of the ignorance.' Sounds like the people in his new home. Now it's time to go to his real home. 'One By One' 'we will wake up the sun,' such great line and melody from Brother Mikey. There's plenty more on his album "Happiness." More of the island vibe and strong messages. We have provided a link for you to listen to the album as well as a song that sounds a lot like a favorite of ours from 2018.



The Beat feat Ranking Roger 'Maniac'
Two Big releases this week. The Beat featuring Ranking Roger release 'Maniac' which musically sounds like two of their biggest hits: 'Twist & Crawl' and 'Mirrior In The Bathroom.' Talking about the powers that are to let people live. On A sad note Roger is sick he posted a video to explain his situation. This is from their upcoming album "Public Confidential."


The Specials '10 Commandments'
The Specials are released 10 Commandments.' A song based on the original Prince Buster tune with different music and the feminine protester Saffiyah Kahn. This is from their upcoming album "Encore."


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