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SHOK WAVE is your weekly new REGGAE music blog. SHOK WAVE finds music that is out there in the form of Reggae, Dancehall, Soca, Ska, Dub, Reggae Rock & anything else musical with a Caribbean origin and in any language.

Here is what we found this week.......Enjoy!

Instead of not doing a blog this week we decided to list a bunch of good songs that released. I did not find anything great just good. Maybe this should be the start of an additional playlist? What do you think?


Kes & Jimmy October feat. Ettienne Charles "Magic"

Kabaka Pyramid 'Believe'

Now you can 'Believe' that Kabaka is on his way to be great. It is just beginning as he is on a tear at the moment. Better 'Believe' this is the best yet in his recent onslaught of lyrical prowess.. At the tip of the Pyramid is Kabakas true singing debut literally in the word 'Believe' and if you dont listen for yourself. Right here right now.

Jon Moon  "Brighter Day"

Sly & Robbie feat. Peter Gee  'When Love Is New'

Lov'd Ones & Benjah  'Battle Cry'

Jr Kenna feat. Governor Tiggy 'If Not Today'

KingServant  'Special'

Owen Knibbs  'Reggae Need More Warriors'


Various Aritsts: Melbourne Douglas, The Regulators & King Deadly "Reggae Dynamite Vol. 2 EP"
Review by Steve Shafer

Anyone looking to satisfy a craving for late '60s/early '70s skinhead reggae sounds--Symarip/Pyramids, Harry J Allstars, Dave and Ansel Collins, The Upsetters, and countless others--need look no further than Original Gravity's brilliant Reggae Dynamite, Volume 2. Written, performed, and produced by Neil Anderson plus an ace collective of musicians and singers, this EP sports two fantastic vocal cuts by JA-based Melbourne Douglas, as well as killer instrumentals by The Regulators and King Deadly. At the start of "Rudy Skankin' on the Moon" (shades of "Moon Hop"/"Moonstomp" in theme and sound), Douglas exclaims, "Kingston, we have a problem!" and recounts the hilarious tale of a rude boy accidentally left behind after a moon landing who just has to "keep on moon stompin'' until the next scheduled moon shot can collect him (in three years!). As its title suggests, Douglas' "Rude Boy Don't Fight Tonight" is a mid-tempo, anti-violence plea "to be cool when you go downtown tonight" and features soothing hammond and trombone solos. The Regulators "Caymanas Park Rocket" (Caymanas Park is a racetrack in Portmore, JA, just outside of Kingston) is a spirited instrumental keyboard tribute to a (hopefully) speedy steed, while King Deadly's extraordinary "Joshua A Mek Riddim Run" could be a long-lost Sound Dimension cut--it's one of the best new instrumentals in this vein that I've heard in recent memory.
Kulcha Shok would like to add that the way Steve feels about 'Joshua A Mek Riddim' is how we feel about 'Cayamanas Park Rocket.' It is that hammond style organ that is the thriller while 'Rude Boy Be Cool Tonight' is the better of the two vocals from Douglas. Rude boys enjoy just don't get too rude especially if you are leaving the house.



Mavado 'Not Perfect'

Bugle  'Live Life'

J'Aren feat. Beenie Man  'Party Time'


Minister Marion Hall (Lady Saw) 'Mi Soon Alright'


Rachel Cruz 'Like The Ocean'


Nailah Blackman & Sammy Jo 'Farmer'
in our book Ms Blackman can not do any wrong, all right. We are jusT getting to know Sammy Jo and we like what we are hearing. The combination proves to be fruitful just like a 'Farmer.' Love the riddim and did they catch you off guard with the lyrics, too? We were inItially thinking someone who farms right? When you listen closely, its 'tickle mi cassava' and 'diggi diggi down there, dic out the side fi me.' These ladies are not talking about corn this is about the 'good food they can provide,' Enjoy gentleman!!!!!
Various Artists  "Staycation Riddim" Mr Turner, College Boy Jesse, Lil Bits & Blaxx
'Staycation' is a BIG, Bad riddim courtesy Of XPlicitMevon & DEph Universe. 
Now you see the man called Mr Turner, he is BAD, wicked style and sound. His voice is different and we love it. He sings 'I Am A Man,' 'who likes to party. ' Next is the College Boy Jesse. The situation at hand has created pressure and 'now that theres a bit more freedom so we have some 'Catching Up' to do.' Now its time to 'do weh you wanna do' with the 'sweet sweet' Blaxx whos bouncing back health wise. He has not missed a beat especially the 'Staycation.' Lastly, the big Lil Bit 'pledges to 'Promise.'

Vanilla 'Celebrate'


Ashanti Selah, Sabolious & Uprising Sounds  'Tribute Calling'






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