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SHOK WAVE is your weekly new REGGAE music blog. SHOK WAVE finds music that is out there in the form of Reggae, Dancehall, Soca, Ska, Dub, Reggae Rock & anything else musical with a Caribbean origin and in any language.

This week is our annual best of for the year 2018. It is based on what we found over the past 52 weeks. It's a very special edition. Go check out the video blog podcast on our youtube

Otherwise here's what we found


Reggae riddim of the year
Reggae riddim of the year was the "Love Train" riddim. The real tough part about this riddim was it had 18 songs and 16 were good. Which ones do we play?


Dancehall riddim of the year
There were alot of good riddims this year, there just wasnt the songs to match the riddims. This year's riddim is "Lemonade" which produced Tifa's best song yet.


Soca riddim of the year
Similar situation as with the dancehall riddim alot of good riddims just not the songs to match it. I find this more common in soca. The riddim for 2018 is "Full Joy" produced and performed by Brother B out of Grenada.


Lick Over riddim
A lick over riddim is a re-do of an old classic riddim. Bucky Jo & the crew re-did the one of Jamaica's greatest riddims of all time "The General" originally by Dennis Brown and renamed here as "Rubba Dub General" riddim.


Album of the Year
After 18 years of recording silence Black Uhuru returns with a super solid & great album thats also nominated for a Grammy called "Betrayal."


Band of the Year
If you lived in Florida and attended Kulcha Shok's weekly Reggae Sundays, you would already know the answer to who is the band of the year. For the rest of the world, it is the roots rockin reggae band out of Kingston Jamaica called EarthKry. There recordings are great and their live sound is exceptional and a bit different. Going on tour in the US as direct support for J Boog


Best re-issue
Here's another if you knew Lance-O as a DJ/Selector and his musical tastes, this one might come a bit easier. This blog does reveal it from time to time. One of his favorite old reggae singers is Johnny Clarke. A Man that has a hard time doing anything other than good. A great album and possible introduction for those that do not know Johnny Clarke is his "Creation Rebel."


Female artist of the Year
Such a talent and we just discovered her this year......Aleighcia Scott. She released an album in 2018 that was backed by the Peckings crew (Bitty McLean). The old skool riddims with her soulful soul was also in the running for album of the year. A modern day classic and it's only months old. Listen & you will be "Forever In Love."


New Artist
I sincerely hope you know this one. This young artist first released her first tune 'Burning' about a year ago and it took the reggae world by storm. Shortly after, it was 'Raggamuffin' and now it's 'Toast.' You know's the Original Koffee and she is the baddest thing since Chronixx.


Best Album Without The Respect
I made this category up to give this veteran much deserved musical recognition. Starting out as Prince Mohammed, George's first release came in 1974 and was consistent through to 1981. Prince Mohammed was his DJ side of music while his real name of George Nooks concentrated on his singing. He took a major break until 1997 and has never looked back. His album "For You' is one of the best for the year and I had to do something so it got recognized.


Kulcha Latino album
Kulcha Latino is Kulcha Shok's version/take on Spanish & Latin styled reggae music. This market has exploded and is bigger, for obvious reasons, in many Latin markets that are also the biggest markets in the world for reggae. Spain has been a hot spot for me for the last 4 years. This year it produces another winner: Ganjar Family's "Seguimos." A great roots reggae album done in a mix of Spanish & English. A very Jamaican sound too.


Kulcha Latino song
As a the other front runner for Kulcha Latino album of the year, one of the main reasons was their song "Let Me Know." The melody alone on this song is so addicting it had to win something. This song couldn't carry the whole album. The group is Pipo Ti & the Forward Ever Band also from Spain. The other strength of their album wastheir ability to play such authentic reggae music.


Soca song
At one point I could not get enough of this song. I had never heard this style of soca or the artist. The sound is of an Afro-soca sound and the artist is from St Lucia and her name is Kaydene with "Year of the Progress." The riddim is called 'Calaloo.' Part of the reason the song is so strong is because it's coming from a deep place.


Pop Gone Reggae
I never heard of this artist until she did the song "Busy Tone." This artist can not be categorized into one genre of music. Her ep had 4 songs and 3 styles of music, two being reggae. The others are R&B and a raw stripped down soul tune. The artist is Mae Muller and one of the craziest things is she recorded on an old reggae riddim known as 'Rockfort Rock.'How does this 20 yr old Londoner know about this? London...maybe?!


Ska Album
This album is ska based and also has lots of rocksteady and old styled reggae.The album is called "Light Of Day." A great album that any real Ska lover will cherish.


Ska Song
Reel Big Fish, have returned, like most of the 80's & 90's popular ska bands. For me their new album, "Life Sucks....Let's Dance" is their best. A good album and it has produced the best ska song of the year. Beating out The English Beat, The Specials, Neville Staple, Rhonda Dakkar and many others with 'Ska Show.' The lyrics take the punch and the music is the skank. Pop over her for more:


Best Concept Album
If you're not a Mad Caddies fan, I think they can win you over with a song or ten on their latest album "Punk Rocksteady," which also has get to the best name for an album. The album also wins for best concept album. They have taken your favorite punk songs mostly from the 90's and made them into reggae. The good yet tough part is figuring out which song is the best.


Reggae Singer
This young man has done nothing shy of great since day one and he just keeps getting better from year to year. I do not think he has peaked yet he is at the top of his game. His talent, ability and sheer passion will give you chill bumps. His latest album is "Lovesick" and everything he put out this year was a hit. I played more Romain Virgo this year than any other artist. I couldn't play just one it was usually four songs twice a session; thats how much and how good his music is this year because I was only playing new music all year since there's so much.


Reggae Rock Song
In 2018 UNESCO granted Jamaica the creators of reggae, an intangible cultural heritage. This certifies Jamaica as the birth place for reggae. As a voice for all, reggae has been around the world every day. Reggae has spawned, influenced or help create so many different styles of music as well as sub-genres. Reggae coming mainly out of the USA has been dubbed, most commonly, reggae rock, among many other names. Here's the real changing of the guard. Many have been highly criticised for the sub-genre reggae rock. Well one of Jamaica's best reggae singers, Jah Cure, has teamed up with, for a third time, Phyllisia Ross on this year's reggae rock track of the year "Risk It All." I loved their past 2 hits: 'Unconditional Love' & 'Call On Me.'


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