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Uma Galera Band

Miami, Fl.

In 2011 bandmates Tony E La Rosa (Singer & Rhythm Guitar) and Rogelio Baz (Bass) got together with Diego Fernandez (Singer & Lead Guitar) and Josue Gonzalez (Singer & Sax) to Jam. After a first great music experience, they joined forces with Milton Ponce (Singer & Percussions), Sebastian Acosta (Drums) and Daniel Merino (keyboards) to become what is now known as Uma Galera (One Crowd).

Uma Galera enjoys music in every way, respects life in its truest forms and is composed by a core of 7 people from 6 different countries (Argentina, Colombia, Peru, Puerto Rico, Uruguay y Venezuela) Uma Galera has no boundaries when it comes to the music. There's a little bit of every style for everyone.
The band has release their debut 11 track album, self entitled, UMA GALERA. In it are songs like Mary Jane (bluegrass), Aire (Reggae, Ska), and Sunday Morning (Funk) which will clearly show this is a band of mixed cultures.

Uma Galera is a band that performs for the crowd, bringing to any stage a soulful & fun musical experience that creates positive vibes for all.