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Selector Chewlin

Selector Chewlin, born in Trinidad and Tobago, started off mixing in the campus radio station of Bethany College, WV from 1999-2003. During those years he learned alot about the life as a radio DJ, and wanted to start his own successful sound system, the dream for every aspiring soundman. He formulated 2 Strong International, which produced little traction in the business, along with a college friend from Senegal, Papa Sane. Over the years, Chewlin has entertained audiences in Maryland, West Virginia, Florida and the Bahamas. The most recent events would include his involvement with Kulcha Shok Muzik at Jazi d, Miami Beach. Reggae Sunday aka The Church is a staple night for any South Florida reggae enthusiast. Ironically, Lance O was one of the first producers that supplied music to Chewlin back in 1999. Their long standing bond will surely see them breaking new ground in the future.