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Juan Jose Heredia

Name: Juan Jose Heredia
Other surf names: in NYC: Ghostface, Whiteface, q u e v z, JJ, Miami kid
Born: Mendoza. Argentina
Live: lived in north Miami, now living in Brooklyn since 2004
Surf spots: The world! Growing up in Miami I started finding waves at 96st bell harbor. As I grew in height and weight I became friends with amazing kids, older cats, that all surfed Harbor House. I got an old car and started driving down south and became friends with some amazing surf cats down there. Now I live and surf mostly at Rockaways in Queens NY: spots like the box, anywhere in the 60z. I also take drives to Lido, Bellport, Smiths, NJ, MTK, anywhere the currents drift.
Interests: becoming a mystic
Life lessons: a negative is always a positive in the end
Favorite foods: any food in the company of a friend+s
Work: It does not matter whether you paint, sculpt, make shoes. If you’re a gardener, a farmer, a fisherman, a carpenter. It does not matter. What matters is ‘are you putting your very soul into what you are creating?’
Music: Being someone that grew up with a Latin family in Miami you can just imagine the mixture of sounds: Pink Floyd from my dad, in another room older sister playing Madonna, mother playing beautiful folk music from south American and my older brother thuged out playing krs1*rakim mad wutang. I love it all and play all that and more with a friend djing in NY: audio love.

Shot outs: Big ups always+forever to all woman, man, and divine child; to lance-0, to my fam, to everyone in Miami i miss u !
2 shots to Island Water Sports NMB and mollusk bk Volcom, and the sun moon and stars