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Inna Sense

Occasionally, in the mayhem of the music business, an artist ascends out of seemingly nowhere to the top of the heap. Then you become naturally curious about the artist – what he looks like, how he lives and how he creates. Jimi Dred discovered his innate musical talent early in life while pumping gas at his father’s filling station in Ocala, Florida and picking out melodies on his mom’s piano. After forming Inna Sense and living in Philadelphia for a while, Jimi moved to South Beach, Miami where he currently resides and met the electrifying rapper Prince Patrick. The circle was complete. Through sheer determination, Inna Sense has built a solid music career around quality music and exciting live performances. With the highly anticipated release of “Everything Included”, the group is ready to take the world by storm. They have been delivering high energy shows to loyal fans across the United States from California to Miami, Hawaii, the Caribbean and even in the royal halls of Monaco. Blending a riveting stage show with a repertoire of captivating original songs, Inna Sense has become a top draw in major select U.S. markets. The music delivers a rootsy, heart-thumping groove that is impossible not to dance to. When Inna Sense hits the stage at a festival in front of thousands or in a small club, crowd frenzy is guaranteed. Now, with the release of “Everything Included” and a world tour in the works, they are about to be recognized as a group with tremendous star potential and all the attributes necessary for success & longevity in the music business.

New album "Everything Included" Song sampler:

Best Reggae Band In Miami Beach!…2nd Year

“INNASENSE is transcendental…the band is a top draw on South Beach”
Miami News and Arts Weekly

“They feed off the audience’s energy like a light bulb feeds off electricity….some hot musicians!”
International Reggae Magazine
All-time Best Sunsplash Band!…

“INNASENSE rocks 25,000 fans at Grand Rapids, MI Reggae Sunsplash”
Grand Rapids Entertainment Weekly
Miami Import is Philly’s Top Reggae Band!...

“Reggae is best when played by those who are spiritually committed to it. INNASENSE definitely fits that description.

TOM MOON – Pop/Rock Critic
Philadelphia Inquirer
INNASENSE Builds National Reputation!...

“INNASENSE lit up bayside hotspot and transformed it into a raving madhouse. The band continues to dazzle people of all ages.”

Newport Beach Daily News


14 (A Girl Like You) final edit

WSVN7 News Miami Deco Drive Interview;


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