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Straight out the dirty south comes the band HOR!ZEN. The band has been on the scene putting in work for a minute now. They have toured all over the mainland and have shared the stage with countless acts. What sets Hor!zen apart from the rest is their Southern Swag!! You know what it is! Formed by brothers Z and Nash, whose roots branch from the Island Kingdom Of Tonga, the band has been a way to stay out of jail and off the streets. Their songs reflect life coming up in the game on South O.B.T (google it!). Hor!zen is about to cause mass hysteria with their new album “Eviction Notice” due to drop early Fall 2011! The band has released two other albums “Past Due” & “Bottom Out” with producer J-Wiz helping to mold their sound. All the work they have done in the past has led them to a new sound. The biggest part of this new sound is the addition of Leilani, little sister to Z & Nash, who’s voice and swager put this band on a whole new level! They recorded this new album at SoundLounge Studios in Orlando alongside up and comers in the game Greg Shields & Mike Stebe. With a lineup addition and a defined sound this is shaping out to be a promising year for the band!