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DJ FIrewood

I have been a music man since i can remember with 8TRACKS to cassettes to records i started playing records as a dj in 1980 my first gig was with a reggae band and i would play in between sets the reason i started to play records is i liked to watch them spin and then this great sound would come out of this piece of vinyl when i first started in my living room i would only play dub music or b side versions of 12inch 45s no lyrics just drum and bass and if you know those old thick 12inch 45s had alot of bass then one day i decided to flip the reggae record over and listen to the roots music lyrics and i was hooked on the positive vibes and i have never stop roots reggae music is my true passin and love its the only music i love to play my best gig to date is the carribean festival i do every year with kulcha shok. bless up, firewood