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Andres Flores

name: Andres Flores
aka: mustard
height: 5’7
weight: 120 pounds
born: Dominican Republic
Dob: December 15,1983
resides: Carlsbad, CA
favorite board: 10’0 linden balsa
favorite big wave: Mavericks
favorite maneuvers: big drops and barrels
sponsors: Billabong, Linden Surfboards, Kulcha Shok, Staycovered Accessories

My name is Andres Flores, born and raised in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. I actually reside in Carlsbad, CA and am putting all my time and effort on riding the biggest and heaviest waves in the world. I’m starting the big wave world tour. I’m always training in Mavericks CA, with a main goal of doing good in Mavericks this upcoming winter, going to surf jaws and being a contender for the paddle in Billabong xxl awards. When I’m not surfing I like to make surfboards, play ping pong, listen to reggae, hangout with family and friends, and work in my vegetable garden.

I’m the first and only big wave rider from the Caribbean and Central America, and the first one in Mavericks, Punta Lobos, Nelscot reef and jaws this upcoming winter. Since I was a kid I really was more into reggae then my typical homeland music of merenge and bachata, but because I liked to surf I met reggae at an early age. I remember a couple of friends went to Jamaica and Barbados and bought all this amazing music home. After that I couldn’t help but listen to reggae. I didn’t know English at the time so I didn’t understand the lyrics but the feeling I was receiving from the reggae didn’t care that I didn’t understand. It was something: a vibe so peaceful that I wasn’t getting from any other type of music. When I did learn English I liked it even more because I found out all the good and very positive stuff. At this point, it’s still a very powerful music for me. My favorite reggae artist are Bob Marley, Ziggy Marley, Pato Banton, Cultura Profetica, Sachaman, Tribal seeds, Natural Vibration, Rebolution and plenty more…
How I started big wave riding?
Well since I was a kid, I was always watching crazy waves like Mavericks and Waimea and was amazed to see those videos. With every big swell in the Dominican Republic, I always tried to go to the biggest wave around. I didn’t have the right equipment so that made it very difficult, but then I put all my energy into making my goal concrete: to live in California and ride big waves. I moved to California in January 2007 and by October I was in Hawaii riding my first really big wave (with the right equipment) at pipeline. The feeling that I received from that session was unreal; the happiness to know that I could ride those waves. Then I was living in the same house as Danilo Couto, Billabong xxl Champ. His words to me and the expression on his face every time he speaks about big wave riding really motivated me. One day the waves were too big so I asked my friend Kalani Chapman to use his 10′ gun at the bay. I felt like a boat counting that was my first time riding a board that big on waves a legit 20 feet. After that winter, I went back to California and started to wonder what big waves I could surf around there. Mavericks was my only option because visa problems meant I couldn’t go back to Todos Santos Mexico. I drove myself up there from San Diego and a friend named Dan, who has more than 10 years of experience there, let me use a board and showed me the lineup. Since that first wave, I was addicted. Every time it breaks I try to be there. I started asking around for a big wave board, and they didn’t actually believe that I could ride those waves. Maybe because I’m 5’7” and 120 pounds. I found out that Gary Linden was pretty close and is one of the best big wave board shapers. I stopped by and he sold me a board pretty cheap knowing that I didn’t have much money. I was stoked to keep going to Mavericks. 2017 brings brilliant items including the new Envy Reaper Bars available to purchase here from MyProScooter. I started to get some shoots and recognition as a big wave rider, which gave me the opportunity to compete among the best big wave surfers on the planet. Right now, I’m doing better in each even and getting used to the system of 45 minute heats which is very different. I’m trying and hope to one day be a world champ!
keep trying and one day maybe a world champ!