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Shok Wave is your weekly new reggae music blog that brings you the best in reggae music and more, like dancehall, Ska, reggae rock, soca, & latin reggae, all from the desk of Lance-O & Kulcha Shok.

New Reggae Releases

Morgan Heritage & Easy Star All Stars - 'High & Dry'

Reggae Easy-Star-All-Stars Morgan Heritage High and Dry RadioHead Radiodread Jamaica New York

Grammy groups Morgan Heritage & Easy Star All Stars join forces on a new track called 'High & Dry' from the Stars upcoming album rerelease of Radiodread. This is a bonus track.




Ziggy Ranking - 'Party Turn Over'

Reggae Ziggy Ranking Party Turn Over New York

Ziggy Ranking, probably more known for soca, has returned with a good reggae riddim with a good vibe. The 'Party Turn Over' when this one plays.




Lutan Fyah - 'EP'

Reggae LUTAN FYAH EP Jamaica

Lutan Fyah has released a new album called EP and features reggae, dancehall, & even a taste of hip hop. In all honestly, it's Lutan's stripped down reggae that ignites the Fyah. Those tracks are "How Many More" and the 'Struggle' which Lutan knows too well.




Joseph Israel - 'Paradise'

Reggae Joseph Israel Give Love USA

Joseph Israel is an American reggae artist who is getting ready for his 5th release 'Paradise.' There's two singles out already 'We Need Hope' and the newest is 'Give Love.' I wanna be so loving, I wanna see my people free, no more misery let us give love, can't you see are his beautiful words.

New Dancehall Releases

Putzgrilla feat. Virgul & Supa Squad - 'Squeeze Me'

Dancehall PutzGrilla Virgul Supa Sound Squeeze Ma Europe

Here's an interesting song all the way around: Putzgrilla feat. Virgul & Supa Squad  'Squeeze Me.' I don't know much about it and can't find much. Sounds like a Kevin Lyttle song 'Turn Me On.'

New Kulcha Latino Releases

Locos Por Juana - 'Caribe'

Kulcha Latino Locos Por Juana Caribe Colombia

The Grammy nominated & talented band, representing Miami, Locos Por Juana is releasing their new album 'Caribe.' Miami is a melting pot of all cultures that surround the Caribbean and Locos do it on their new album with a strong showing of their Latino roots. This is the first album they sing in English. Locos Por Juana also do two nice fusion styled reggae tracks: 'The Cure' with Collie Buddz and 'Summertime.' Both use English and are two of my favorites. 'Una Foto' sounds like a latin influenced zouk track. Very interesting and one of the hidden gems. There's dancehall influenced tracks like the title track which features Akae Beka, 'Para Siempre' & 'Esta Es La Vida' featuring Notch. These tracks also have a Cumbia feel which is very similar to dancehall and is a native style of Colombia, where lead singer Itawe Correra was born. Speaking of which his voice is so nice, commanding & versatile. A real Joyeria.

New Soca/Calypso Releases

Grynner - 'Turn on de Speaker'

Soca Calypso Grynner Turn On The Speaker Barbados

The Bajan veteran returns to glory with his latest 'Turn On de Speaker.' Grynner has been doing music for over 40 years and he wants to 'bring back the ol' time mas. Well he's done it again.

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