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Shok Wave is your weekly new Reggae Music review. Shok Wave not only focuses on reggae, it also includes all offsprings of reggae like dancehall, ska, rocksteady, reggae rock, soca, calypso, Spanish reggae, Kulcha Latino and anything else with a Caribbean base in music.

New Reggae Releases

Keznamdi - 'Lost Love'

Reggae Keznamdi Lost Love Jamaica

Our first good release this week is a new single from Keznamdi with 'Lost Love.' It's also a single from his upcoming EP.




Morgan Heritage - 'Children Of Selassie I'

Reggae Morgan Heritage Children of Selassie I Jamaica New York

Grammy Award winning reggae family of royalty, Morgan Heritage have released an appropriate tune called 'Children Of Selassie I.'




Karen Smith - 'Don't Let The Children Cry'

Karen Smith Don't Let The Children Cry

Veteran Karen Smith has returned to put her Love into the future because at some point & time in our lives that becomes the main focus in 'Don't Let The Children Cry.'




Jah Mason - 'Now and Forever'

Jah Mason Now and forever

Jah Mason has also returned with a new EP called 'Now & Forever.'  A decent EP that shines best on his ganja tune called 'Love Mi Chalice.'




Dub Life Muzik & Kulcha Shok - 'Dirty Harry'

Dub Life Muzik & Kulcha Shok Dirty Harry

Lastly this week I get to critique my own productions. Now how is this going to work you's all subjective or at least 90% of it is. You see music is an art form so that makes it subjective. Technically, it needs to be on key, structured or in this case, arranged properly and played musically well and so on and so forth. I can say that part of it is there thanks to the artists and especially to P-Dub and the Predator Dub Assassins who I collaborated with on this project the relick of the 'Dirty Harry' riddim. What I have noticed is that I seem to like the ones I am more involved: Nkrumah ft Keeling Beckford - 'True Champion,' Fya Works 'Say Love,' Derrick Lara ft Natty Remo - 'Trouble Like Rain,' and Roy Radics ft Lucette - 'I Don't Want To Know.' I also find that now that I've not listened to them in a while that actually they all sound me that is...of course. The others that really stand out for me are Mikey Jarrett ft Rupert Reid - 'Tell Me Why,'  P-Dub 'King For A Day,' Predator Dub Assassins ft The Skootch - 'Heavy On Harry' (instr), and I like Keelings part on 'Night & Day.' I find I like it more now that I've grown away from it.


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