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Shok Wave is your weekly new reggae music blog. Kulcha Shok reviews all the possible reggae music and it's offsprings which includes dancehall, reggae rock, ska, calypso, soca, latin & spanish reggae as well as anything musically Caribbean or music coming from Caribbean artists.


Stephen Marley - 'Revelation Party'

Reggae Stephen Ragga Marley-Revelation-Pt.II-The-Fruit-Of-Life Revelation Party Jo Mersa Marley Cedella Marley Jamaica Miami

Stephen Marley just keeps hitting us with tunes and hits. His newest and latest hit is 'Revelation Party' feat his son Jo Mersa & his long lost musical sister Cedella. It's from his upcoming album Revelation Part II: The Fruit Of Life.




General Roots - 'Little Sun'

Reggae General Roots Little Sun

The rest of the reggae this week are sleeper tunes. In other words don't sleep on these as they will grow on you bad. The first is General Roots - 'Little Sun.' Nice little tune from a group that is introduced here and I've come to find out backs a UK favorite of mine Hollie Cook.




Wilder Finamore - 'I Don't Wanna Give You My Love'

Reggae Wilder Finamore Cedric Myton the congos

Next in the lineup is Wilder Finamore, another we've never heard of and from Brazil, it features Cedric Congo Myton of the Congos. Tune called 'I Don't Wanna Give You My Love.'




Clinton Fearon - 'Waiting' & 'This Morning'

Reggae Clinton Fearon WAITING EP Jamaica USA France

Legend Clinton Fearon, who played with the Gladiators, has released a new 4 song Ep. Two new songs, the title track 'Waiting' and my preference of the two is 'This Morning,' which reminds me of that Gladiators vibe. Both songs have a dub to round out the EP. This is a predecessor to a new full length to come out later this year.


Devin Di Dakta/JL - 'Ayo Ayo'

Dancehall Devin Di Dakta and JL 'Ayo Ayo' Jamaica

Devin Di Dakta has been joined by newcomer JL on the ZJ Sparks remix AYO AYO and definitely hit a few of the right notes with the crossover potential.



Sunshine & NaDiva - 'Unstoppable'

Soca Sunshine & Nadiva Unstoppable UK

It is Carnival time in several Islands & places. The UK is gearing up already for theirs at the end of Summer. This song is performed by UK sisters Sunshine & NaDiva. Big & bad! The message is simple...Believe in yourself and BE UNSTOPPABLE!!!

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